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Once your strategy is in place, we can help your organization define high level requirements to fully understand what the intended product should do.  By defining these high level requirements early, we can help to manage the expectations of the end users while engaging them in the process. 

The best system in the world will ultimately fail if the people who interact with it do not "buy in" to its value.  After the needs are understood, we prioritize and assign each a weighted value to be used in an empirical evaluation of any candidate products. 

With this information as a guide, we can pare down the possibilities to a manageable number of vendors.  At this point, we will jointly develop a request for proposal (RFP).  While awaiting the responses, an evaluation team should be formed.  This team should represent a cross section of the user community as well as including a decision maker. 

After the RFP's come back, the evaluation team will review them using the empirical scoring method previously defined.  An on-site visit of the top two or three respondents should be scheduled to validate the information gained from the RFP. 

Now, armed with empirical data, personal observations, and the understanding of how this system will fit into your overall strategy,  we can select the best solution for your needs. 

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